Thursday, December 19, 2013

the day - 1.6.13

1.6.13 - official become husband & wife.
Thank you especially my family, big family and all those involve directly or indirectly.
Pray for our happiness till jannah. Ameen

Love is something come when the time have arrived.
Believe in Him due to it is His job in
partnering every individuals in this life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

counting :)

too busy with works and part times job. Very long time no update ya.. sure la..coz 1 time per year ma… J

2013 - no resolution update from me...

but for sure, this year i'm gonna end my single status. Insyaallah.
1.6.13 - still counting for the day.
e-day = 27.5.2012 - 1 year for preparation.

am i prepared? How about him?

Both of us are still in learning process. Learn to know each other better. 
from boss and assistant to fiancĂ© there is no love feeling involve, but maybe it's Allah job to write our path together make in a blink of eyes, everything fall right at the times.

sekarang, patiently waiting for the day ..

Pray for us.. Ameen.              

Friday, April 6, 2012

BEWARE - penipu rumah sewa (flat syeksen 7)

true story about my stupidity on renting a house....

untuk kongsi beramai-ramai

lokasi : rumah flat seksyen 7
acc no: CIMB no - 12051342981529
hp no : 019-3581809
: 017-2300587
advertising in

cerita bermula apabila me & my housemate kene keluar rumah sewa dalam masa sebulan,
try to find a house and call many people until this person called NOR answer the phone & said that we can rent the house in 7 days latter..

we are so happy coz finally we have a place to stay.

this part is about my kebodohan pasal sewa menyewa---

perempuan itu minta RM300 at first sebab 3 orang nak sewa so rm100 per head as deposit and cop rumah tu. but i said coz we are at end of the month so total kumpul i RM200. she said is ok.
without any black & white, transfer duit itu kepada akaunnya. dengan harapan dapat masuk rumah next wekek.

weekend yang sepatutnya jumpa, she kept give and excuse. than i know we've been fooled.
she promised will pay me back tapi dah 6 bulan still no hasil la. i will be waiting.

my tindakan
1- cara baik..
properly minta about 3 months tapi asyik kene tipu ( bahan bukti is message)
2- keras sikit
make a police report - still simpan kertas aduan tu. polis kata next step kene libat mahkamah
(akan difikirkan kerana costly kalau masuk makamah)
3-push n keep pushing
until 6/4/12 - last message kata nak bayar tapi banyak excuse ...

cerita sedikit sebanyak perempuan itu :-
perempuanla of coz
stay at area bangi kerja at PKNS bangi - sempat beramah mesra masa nak sewa tu la
dah minta duit kata nak bayar lawyer, ambil kunci , and maintenance rumah


pay RM30 - alasan ,,GAJI belom masuk.. -- ok Akta Burun & apa ntah boleh call dah sebab company dia tak bayar sampai 7 hb


next idea to get my money and justice
TRIBUNAL PENGGUNA & KPDNK klo xsilap short form tu..hehe
penipuan bawah RM 25000 boleh buat aduan kat 2 tempat ni..with all evidence..Insyaallah i'm at the right side.. TQ to housemate ku seorang Lawyer & info kpdnkk tu..=)

LAtest UPDATE and no more in future - pay me back rm 100.. tu pon after being involve penguatkuasaan..
still balance RM70.  

tak halal dunia akhirat. 

now dah malas nak call her ask for the money back.. jangan mati tengah jalan and jadi hantu sebab orang tak maafkan sudah...hahah..

hopefully with this info, no others victim ya.

take care

My 2012 Resolution

For year 2012, there will be a lot of wishes or aimed that i wish to achieve..

*As for 2011 wishes, to be in serious relationship InsyaAllah will be achieve in this year. Alhamdulillah and a lot of thanks to Allah . Continually wishes for this is i hope I've made a right decision with the right person the Him had fated to me. Amin. Next is to think a way to settle down.. hehehe.. Everyone need a partner right. Than we will do anything to make sure the relationship ended with a marriage.

*Hoped to be a good daughter for my parents i don't think i have achieved it. This is due to job crisis that happened to me. Being in the unstable company make me have a lot of complaining that i have shared with my parents. I know from there, they will be worried for me. From that, i really wish that this year my fortune about getting a stable job will be come true. Amin, Than Insyaallah no more complaining and did not make my parents worried.

*The things that i really really really want to work out is about my attitude. My so friendly behavior, without realize made some people around me have unsatisfied feeling towards me. I know more or less, although i did not do anything to them , they still uneasy with my attitude. Than, i really hope that my attitude will changed into a good one. Be more mature and be a girl that ready to carry a responsibility to be a wife. Amin.

List of 2012 wishes
* Money saving for marriage.
*Get a stable job with a good basic salary
*Make my parents proud with me & did not make them worried about me.
*Change my attitude to be more matured & and find a true me.

Amin amin amin, Wish all my wishes came true. Amin

Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011


and i will be 23..
numbers that scared me so much..

and why is that so??

- for 23 years old girl/women,

* i still don't know what path am i going to be in.
hope 2011 will lead me to a stable , bless and me myself enjoy to be in that path (carrier).

* i'm trying to be in a serious relationship after a few times being hurt.
hope 2011 will bring me a luck and bless in this new relationship and will be the long
lasting relationship. Amin.

* i have to start paying the loan PTPTN and car, also responsibility for my parents. although
they don't ask for my help but as an eldest and the feel of the responsibility to make sure they
are in happy and stable, healthy and whealthy life make me want to help them.
dear Allah please help me by give me a way that will make my parents in happy, bless, life.

* hope anyone around me will be in blessed, happy, cheerful, wealthy and healthy. Amin
* hope all my dreams will become true.. Amin

Saturday, October 2, 2010

stop thinking

enough for the time being.... i don't want to be week anymore. i want to be tough independent or maybe a strict person. but be a person in nowadays world means they can adapt they themselves with the people surrounding. how i'm going to adjust my attitude to the people around me meanwhile i know their are not so good also. people have their own ability in understanding others. but human cannot run on a fact that they tend to make themselves look stupid in front of clever person than them. the problems come when they being in a group and all of them got the same thinking. in this situation the best way is to run from them and start a new life at a new place with a new friends. Allah please help me in continuing myself at my place now. Amin.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

how to feel the love?

there is a man. i care about him. always thought about his safety, his emotions. where he go when there is a holiday. a lot of think about him i really take care. but i don't know what exactly my feeling towards him. what is love? what i am suppose to feel?
for me, when girl have fall in love, she should fell nervous when the man is in front of them. then there is some weird feeling towards that man. felt like want to hug him and never let him go. as long as being near to him is enough.
but with 'him' all of the feeling never come when i'm with him? someone said maybe the feeling will come later. but for me it seems like i am not really fall in love with him.. is that so? n
now i really curious about my conditions. what i want to do now is be friends with and see weather the feeling will change later. hope the curiosity will ended with an answer.